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"From our hands to your heart."

About Angelic Touch Concierge Nursing


Angelic Touch was birthed from the heart of Demetria Clemons, a Registered Nurse who has worked in the medical field for 26 years in various specialties such as home health, ICU, ER, surgery unit, med-surg, pediatrics, stroke, cardiac, and step down units.  After seeing countless patients readmitted to the hospital for illnesses and injuries that could have been prevented or managed in the home, Demetria Clemons decided to make the transition from working in the hospital to being an advocate and working for patients offering them an alternative to acute care and long term care facilities.  This has afforded Mrs. Clemons the opportunity to become a community liaison and advocate for affordable home care.



"From our hands to your heart."


To touch the hearts of clients and families through a holistic care approach.

To promote the highest quality of living while providing exemplary care to our clients.

To improve the quality of life of clients by promoting a responsive healing environment in the comfort of their own homes. 


To be the home care agency of choice for clients and employees.
To exceed the expectations of our clients and their families by providing quality and compassionate care.
To be a prominent community leader by meeting the needs of the clients, their families, and the community.


Core Values:









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